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By | April 11, 2018

UKZN Student Central

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Student Central Login Support

You may be unable to login in for a number of reasons

If you have NEVER logged in before then
you will need a PIN created from your birthdate
in the format DDMM, that is Day Day Month Month

Here are some examples:
Birthdate PIN
25th May 1978 2505
12th June 1967 1206
4th February 1975 0402
31st December 1972 3112
9th September 1977 0909
1st January 1954 0101

Once you log in with this PIN you will have to provide a NEW password
(which disables the use of the PIN)
before you can continue

If you HAVE logged in before and provided a NEW password
then you will need to use that Password making sure that it is in the same Case as you supplied it

sCOOTER1 is not the same as Scooter1

If you have logged in before and supplied a New Password but have forgotten it then please Click Here to have the password emailed to you.

If you are a Currently Registered Student you can access your Groupwise Account from Here

Student e-mail access from off-campus (These settings are for IE and may work for other browsers):

1. Go to the website.

2. Click on Login

3. Enter Student Number details in the following format: eg. and press Enter.

4. You will then receive a pop-up box to enter your login details

5. Again, enter Student Number details eg.

6. Enter your UKZN Lan password (the password you use when logging into a computer in the student Lan)

7. Thereafter you will be logged in to your Office365 e-mailbox.

myUKZN provides students & future alumni with a free 25GB mailbox, 25GB
online storage solution, instant messaging tools and much more!

25GB mailbox space
25GB password protected online storage using SkyDrive
instant messaging
a rich calendaring solution
a central place to view your other mail accounts
free use of Office Web Apps
spam free email


UKZN Timetabling & Venue Bookings


The Timetabling and Venue Booking Office manages and processes:

  • the lecture timetables for all campuses, except Medical School;
  • the examination timetables;
  • the allocation of venues for tests and exams;
  • the allocation of venues for departmental and student societies meetings and workshops;
  • the LAN bookings;
  • the use of all University facilities (excluding sports facilities) by external users.

Per campus timetable information: Hold the cursor over the respective campus name in the navigation bar on the left of this page and then follow the links to:

  • general information about the time table for that campus;
  • the lecture timetables for the modules offered at the campus;
  • the bookings for each venue for the remainder of the year;
  • test bookings for each school for the remainder of the year.

The examination timetables are available for each campus from the Examination Timetable link.

Booking application forms are located on the link Forms.

   Contact for any assistance

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