UKZN Learn

By | April 11, 2018

UKZN Learn

Q 1: How do I access the learn site?

A:Using your usual web browser navigate to login using your LAN login name and password.

Please note that this site works best with Chrome, FireFox & the latest version of IE (Internet Explorer)

Click  Here  To Login

Q 2: I am getting a message stating my password has expired on the Learn site, how do I

change it?

A:Students can contact the Student Lan help desk to reset their passwords. Staff can contact X4000.

Q 3: I am teaching a course and wish to use the learn site. How do I create a course and get

editing teacher rights to manage the course?

A:If the course links to a single ITS code, use the “Official UKZN course or How to become a teacher in UKZN official courses�? option on the front page of the learn site after login.

If the course is linked to more than one ITS code then use the link for requesting another course request on the site, again after login.

Q 4: How do I re-use my course from a previous year in the current year? –

UKZN Learn

A:Courses may be rolled over (backed up from a previous year and restored to the current year). Details of how to do it can be found in the front page of this site.

Please note that you will need to be a teacher in both previous and current courses.

This is the link Thereafter click on UKZN Courses.

Q 5: How will students be registered on my courses?

A:Students are automatically assigned to courses after they have registered for a course and their records in ITS are updated.

Q 6: I have created my course but all my students claim they cannot see it? –

UKZN Learn

A:Have you made the course available to students? Courses are created as being “not available to students�? to give lecturers a chance to set up the course and make the course

available at their discretion. To change this setting go to Administration -> Edit Settings ->Visible> click show then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and Save changes.

Q 7: I have created my course, made it available, but some students cannot see it, while others can?

UKZN Learn

A:There are various reasons for this. These include:

ITS and Moodle synchronization taking longer than expected.

Incorrect course registration in ITS.

Delay in registration for reasons such as still awaiting financial clearance.

Q 8: How do I add teachers or non-editing teachers to my course? –

UKZN Learn

A:The picture below shows how to add or remove Participants (students/ students) in your course.

i.Click on Users

ii.Then click on Enrolled Users

iii.The pop up box will appear, type the email address or student number on the search block then click in search. The name of a lecturer or student you are looking for will appear, then click enroll next to the name and click finish enrolling users. Remember

to change roles such as student, non-editing teacher, teacher etc. on the assign roles bar.

Q 9: How do I hide weeks, topics, activities or resources? –

UKZN Learn

A:Turn Editing on and you will see an icon of an open eye on your right. Click on it and the eye will close, signifying the element is now hidden. Click on the closed eye to make it visible again.