UKZN Timetable

By | November 16, 2018

University of KwaZulu-Natal

 Examination Timetables

The Final Exam Timetable is now available.

Please use the following email address for any exam timetable queries:


Title Type Author Date Size Tags
MainExamTT Engineering Final .pdf September 26, 340.01 KB Download
HC Nov SUPP rev .pdf September 19, 635.64 KB Download
HC Nov FINAL rev .pdf September 19, 648.61 KB Download
WV NOV SUPP .pdf September 15, 663.44 KB Download
PMB Nov SUPP .pdf September 15, 678.07 KB Download
EDGE NOV SUPP .pdf September 15, 419.37 KB Download
WV NOV FINAL .pdf September 15, 695.28 KB Download
PMB Nov FINAL .pdf September 15, 710.83 KB Download
EDGE NOV FINAL .pdf September 15, 427.12 KB Download