University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses

By | April 16, 2016

University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses

Alternative Access Programme

University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses

Many prospective students come from schools that have not equipped them for admission to university in that they do not obtain the required point scores for admission to specific programmes.  The University has developed innovative alternative access programmes to identify candidates who have the potential to succeed at university. Students identified by the programmes are recommended to Colleges. All final decisions are made by the Deans.

The following programmes are available:

College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science AAP

  • B Sc Engineering: Extended Programme (KN-H-UNT)

    This programme is fully integrated into the College Engineering, and works with students from academically disadvantaged schools. The objective is to develop the skills needed for academic excellence, as well as to produce successful engineers. It presents a comprehensive curriculum across the spectrum of engineering disciplines including credit bearing courses in Mathematics and Technical Drawing, as well as support courses in Communication/Life Skills, Chemistry, Mechanics and Physics. Students are also exposed to actual engineering projects through factory visits and guest lectures by professional engineers. Students who successfully complete the one year B Sc Engineering Extended Programme will be allowed to enrol in the College of Engineering at First Year Level. Students gain access to the programme through meeting the academic requirements at Grade 12 level. Applicants require a NSC-Deg with English and Mathematics and Physical Science at Level 4 Quintile 1&2 schools. Proficiency in spoken English is also a strong recommendation. The programme enjoys strong support from sponsoring companies and the applications of prospective students who meet the requirements qualifying applicants will be forwarded to potential sponsors for consideration. Please note that B Sc Engineering: Extended Programme does not guarantee sponsorship but could facilitate bursaries through the Student Funding Centre.

    For more information contact:

    Tel: (031) 260 2072
    Fax: (031) 261 1291

  • B Sc 4 year Augmented Curriculum (KN-P-BS4/ KN-W-BS4)

    This is a four-year degree with an extended support programme for applicants from disadvantaged schools. First year study is spread over two years. Applicants require a NSC-Deg with 26 or more APS points and English and LO at Level 4 and Mathematics at Level 3 and Agricultural Science or Life Science or Physical Science at Level 3. Quintile 1&2 schools.

    For more information contact:
    Pietermaritzburg Tel: +27 (0)33 260 6116
    Westville Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7979

    Pietermaritzburg Tel: +27 (0)33 260 6116

    Westville Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7979

College of Humanities AAP

  • B Soc Sc Augmented Curriculum (KN-H-SO4/KN-P-SO4)

    This four-year programme, which is available at the Howard College and Pietermaritzburg campuses, offers access into Humanities and Social Sciences for students from disadvantaged school backgrounds. Quintiles 1&2 schools only. The extended curriculum programme combines credit-bearing modules with academic development and support over two years; students complete their first regular three creditbearing modules during the first year. The extended curriculum is structured to enable successful students to graduate with a BSocSc degree.

    For admission, candidates require the NSC-Deg with 20-27 APS and English and LO at Level 4

    For more information contact:
    Howard College Tel: +27 (0)31 260 1123/ 3337
    Pietermaritzburg Tel: + 27(0)33 260 6464

    Howard College Tel: +27 (0)31 260 1123/ 3337

    Pietermaritzburg Tel: + 27(0)33 260 6464


College of Law & Management Studies AAP

Bachelor of Commerce (Extended Curriculum) (B Com 4 General) (KN-P-CBT/KN-W-CBT) Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Extended Curriculum) (B Com 4 Acc) (KN-P-BCO/KN-W-BCO)

  • Three-year B Com or B Com Accounting degrees extended over four years. The B Com requires NSC-Deg with APS of 30, English (HL or FAL), Mathematics and LO Level 4. Applicants who have not met Level 4 Mathematics but have Level 3 Mathematics will be streamed into the foundation year. B Com Accounting requires NSC-Deg with APS of 32 with English (HL or FAL), Mathematics Level 5 and LO Level 4. Applicants who have not met Level 5 Mathematics but have Level 4 Mathematics will be streamed into the foundation year.

    The one year foundation provision follows a full foundational model with students completing six foundational modules. These modules are preparatory to the regular first level courses in the main stream. The modules are essential for assisting students in developing the cognitively advanced English usage required for English as a learning tool, especially in discursively oriented disciplines such as management. Also the modules are intended to support the students in developing their basic quantitative and analytical skills required in subsequent Economics, Mathematics and Statistics modules.

    For more information contact:
    Pietermaritzburg Tel: +27 (0)33 260 6455
    Westville Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2873/2083

Undergraduate Programmes Listing

University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses

Please note the campus abbreviations refer as follows:

E = Edgewood
H= Howard College
M = Medical School
P = Pietermaritzburg
W = WestvillePlease refer to the 2016 Undergraduate brochure for a full description of the Programmes

College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science

Programme  Campus
 B Sc Eng: Agricultural H&P
 B Sc Eng: Chemical H&P
 B Sc Eng: Civil H&P
 B Sc Eng: Computer H&P
 B Sc Eng: Electrical H&P
 B Sc Eng: Electronic H&P
 B Sc Eng: Mechanical H&P
 B Sc: Land Surveying H
B Sc Eng: Extended Programme H
 B Sc: Property Development H
 B Agric (Agricultural Extensions and Rural Resource Management) P (Cedara College)
 B Agricultural Management P
 B Sc Agric P
 B Sc Agric: Agribusiness P
 B Sc Agric: Agricultural Economics P
 B Sc Agric: Agricultural Plant Sciences P
 B Sc Agric: Animal and Poultry Science P
 B Sc Agric: Plant Pathology P
 B Sc Agric: Soil Science P
 B Sc Stream LES (Life Earth Sciences) P&W
 B Sc Stream M (Mathematics) P&W
 B Sc Applied Chemistry W
 B Sc Biological Science P&W
 B Sc Chemistry and Chemical Technology P
 B Sc Computer Science and Information Technology P&W
 B Sc Crop and Horticultural Science P
 B Sc Dietetics P
 B Sc Environmental Science P&W
 B Sc Environmental Earth Science P&W
 B Sc Geological Science W
 B Sc Industrial and Applied Biotechnology P
 B Sc Marine Biology W
 B Sc 4 Augmented Programme P&W

College of Health Sciences

Programme Campus
Bachelor of Audiology W
Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology W
B Dental Therapy W
B Medical Science: Anatomy W
B Medical Science: Physiology W
B Occupational Therapy W
B Optometry W
B Pharmacy W
B Physiotherapy W
B Sport Science W
B Nursing H
B Medicine & B Surgery M

College of Humanities

Programme Campus
B Ed E
B A (General Studies) H&P
B A Cultural & Heritage Tourism H
 B A Philosophy, Politics and Law H&P
B A International Studies P
B A Music H
B A Music & Drama Performance H
B A Visual Art P
B Soc Sc (General Studies) H & P
B Soc Sc Geography & Environmental Management H & P
B Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics P
B Soc Sc Housing H
B Architectural Studies H
B Music H
B Social Work H
B Theology P
Dip Jazz & Popular Music H
Dip Music Perf. Classical or African Music & Dance or Opera or Choral Studies H
B Soc Sc Extended Curriculum Programme H&P

College of Law and Management Studies

Programme Campus
B Laws H & P
B Laws (p/t) H & P
B Admin W
B Business Administration P & W
B Business Science P & W
B Com P & W
B Com Accounting P & W
B Com Extended Curriculum (General) P & W
B Com Extended Curriculum (Accounting) P & W