University of Kwazulu Natal Bee Certificate

By | April 16, 2016

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University of Kwazulu Natal Bee Certificate

UKZN offers BBBEE solutions worth up to 47 points on your next scorecard

A partnership with The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) will assist you to claim full BBBEE score card points under the Skills Development (SD), Enterprise (ED) and Supplier Development (ESD) and the Social Economic Development (SED) code series.

University of Kwazulu Natal Bee Certificate, The additional benefit is that the UKZN Foundation is a section 18A entity so donations will be tax deductible. UKZN is also a level 4 supplier and our partner University of KwaZulu-Natal Extended Learning (UEL) is a level 1 supplier so expenditure may also be claimed as BBBEE procurement spend.

Bursaries at UKZN (8)

Donating towards bursary funding will allow you to claim 8 points in Skills Development Expenditure. UKZN has a broad spectrum of beneficiaries from all population groups so we can meet your particular race and gender requirements. We will supply all the necessary paperwork as required in order to verify the nature of your contributions and levels of expenditure.

Skills Development (12 +5)

Provide training for your staff via one of UKZN’s training courses to claim 4 points for providing learnership for your black staff. Provide a learnership for black UKZN students and you can also claim up to 4 points for the number of black persons trained. All courses offered by UEL are accredited by UKZN under the Council for Higher Education (CHE) authority complying with NQF regulations. You can claim 4 additional points if you provide learning programs for black employees with disabilities.

Note that employing any of the beneficiaries after training garners up to 5 bonus points and providing adult basic education training ( ABET) multiplies the value of the skills development expenditure.


Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (ESD) (15+2)

Send your potential suppliers for training offered by UEL or make a tax deductible contribution to one of our ED community projects to claim 5 points for ED expenditure. Should the beneficiary become a supplier of yours, this will enable you to claim a bonus point. Pay the training fees for your current suppliers to attend training at UEL will allow you to claim 10 points for ESD expenditure

If any jobs are created as an outcome of the ED or ESD training you can claim a further bonus point.

Social economic development (5)

Any donation to UKZN Foundation which contributes to the education of our students or one of our community programs is a qualifying SED contribution and is also tax deductible.