The Sky Is the Limit for Student Juggling Law and Aviation

By | November 16, 2018
Second-year Law student and budding pilot, Mr Kyavand Gholizadeh Touchaei.

Sticking religiously to his timetable – which includes entries about his social life – has ensured budding pilot Mr Kyavand Gholizadeh Touchaei succeeds in both Law and aviation studies.

Second-year Law student, Touchaei has always been fascinated by aeroplanes and cars. It is this passion which led him to research about different aviation facilities and ultimately led him to take flight training at the Virginia Flight School.

Explaining why he chose to study to be a pilot, Touchaei says up in the sky is where he gets all his highs. ‘It is the thing to do, to get that adrenaline rush while at the same time it gives me a sense of calmness when I am high up in the sky alone enjoying the beautiful scene below, the peace and quiet.’

Coming across a module called Air Law for Private Pilots while doing his flight-training course triggered his hunger to study Law, which he believes governs every aspect of our lives.

‘From birth to death a person’s life is touched by hundreds of laws, so how better to educate oneself than knowing all the laws we have to live by. Hence, I was overjoyed when I was accepted to study at the prestigious UKZN Howard College. Thus far I have not looked back and I am thoroughly enjoying the course,’ said Touchaei.

His  two role models are former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, the late Justice Pius Langa, whom he adores for his dedication and hard work and Sir Richard Branson, the English business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group whom he idolises for being a pioneer in the aviation sector.

Touchaei is grateful to his parents – both doctors – for playing an integral role in his life. ‘Although both are working parents, one would always try to make themselves available to enable my extracurricular activities,’ he added.

Currently in the process of getting a Private Pilot License, his main aim is to study further towards a commercial license.

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